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Sapporo Beer Garden

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"Genghis Khan" with tender and light fresh lamb and plenty of vegetables grilled in a special iron skillet.
Draft beer goes perfectly with Hokkaido's representative local cuisine.
At Sapporo Beer Garden, which aims to provide delicious flavors that cannot be tasted anywhere else, freshly brewed beer sent directly from the factory is carefully poured by skilled professionals.
Please enjoy a glass of delicious beer filled with the hearts of artisans who have accumulated experience through daily training.

Genghis Khan is a representative Hokkaido dish of mutton and mutton grilled in an iron skillet with a dome in the center.
The Genghis Khan hot pot has ridges that run outward from the center, allowing excess fat to drain out and using a marinade to grill the ingredients deliciously.
In addition, 'sauce' is an indispensable element to enjoy Genghis Khan.
Sapporo Beer Garden's special sauce was prepared with special attention to bring out the flavors of apples and lemons.
The salt and pepper to enjoy the natural flavor of the meat are original, just like the sauce.

Mutton includes “mutton” that is less than one year old and “mutton” that is more than two years old.
Sapporo Beer Garden uses only mutton, which has no strong smell or accent.
Even first-time eaters can enjoy Genghis Khan.
Lamb is also a healthy ingredient.
It has many benefits, including many healthy nutrients and fewer calories than beef or pork.
Tasty and healthy, that's what defines lamb.

Kaitakushikan and red bricks, the symbol of Sapporo Beer Garden.
It was built as a sugar mill in 1890 and served as a malt mill until 1963 before becoming the Sapporo Beer Garden in 1966.
Making history for about a century.
Towering chimneys piercing the sky, exterior walls built with gleaming red bricks, and the massive Kessel of Kessel Hall remain as they were.

Each restaurant has a menu featuring dishes unique to Hokkaido, including Genghis Khan.
Enjoy your meal with draft beer delivered directly from the factory.

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