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Gamcheon Culture Village

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Gamcheon Culture Village was a place where refugees struggled to live their lives during the Korean War in the 1950s. It has now become a representative tourist destination in Busan. This place is visited more by foreign tourists visiting Busan than by Koreans.

It is full of colorful buildings, so you can get a pretty background when taking photos. There are various photo zones throughout the village, so visitors can take great photos to make memories. In particular, the Little Prince statue is one of the popular photo spots, and many people take pictures here.

There are many souvenir shops where you can purchase items to commemorate your trip. If you want to explore the town more easily, it's a good idea to purchase a map at the information center. By referring to the map, you can explore the main points without missing them. Expect to spend approximately 1-2 hours to explore.

It is a place that retains the pain of the past and has now become a symbolic place. Create unique travel memories here, where unique architecture, works of art, and various shops come together.