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Cheorwon History and Culture Park

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It is said that in the 1930s, Cheorwon-gun had a population of about 80,000 (the third largest city in Gangwon-do).
I made it possible to experience the situation at that time.
You can take the monorail going up to Soisan at Cheorwon Station (Soisan Monorail).
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  • Cheorwon Yangjang
  • Cheorwon Financial Association
  • Cheorwon Public Primary School
  • Gangwon Provincial Cheorwon Clinic
  • Cheorwon Pharmacy
  • Cheorwon Post Office
  • Cheorwon Firefighting Equipment Center (Cheorwon Fire Station)
  • Gwandong Inn/Ilchul Inn
  • Cheorwon Station (Soisan Monorail boarding point)
  • Cheorwon Theater
  • Jeongpo Oh
  • Cheorwon History and Culture Museum
  • sundial
  • tile-roofed house
  • thatched house
  • Tomagjib (hut)
Labor Party Office [ Description ]

Cheorwon History and Culture Park is a place where you can enjoy both historical value and beautiful scenery. Visiting here will be a very interesting experience as you will be able to see various aspects of Cheorwon. The first thing you will notice is the rich historical background of the highlands. It offers a very special experience as you can see with your own eyes the historical traces of this area where fierce battles took place. It would be a particularly good place for visitors interested in history, as they can see various aspects of Cheorwon from different eras. Cheorwon History and Culture Park is located in a location with convenient transportation and easy access, so visitors can visit comfortably. It is very easy to visit this place from Incheon, and it is also attractive that you can see this place by riding the Soisan Monorail. This place has been recreated in its old form, so you can experience Cheorwon of the past firsthand. You can see the scenery around Cheorwon Station in the 1930s, so it would be an ideal place for those who want to escape from everyday life and have a special time. A variety of experience programs are provided for tourists so they can have a great time. You can gain a deeper understanding of Cheorwon's history and culture through various activities such as rickshaw experience and monorail riding. Cheorwon History and Culture Park is considered a place with a high level of satisfaction compared to the price. There are a variety of things to experience, and some are free, making it perfect for families or individuals. There is also a cafe with a clean and cozy atmosphere and a space where you can enjoy delicious coffee, making it a great place to relax. Cheorwon History and Culture Park has plenty of things to see and eat nearby, making it a perfect place for visitors to have a good time. Traditional markets and places to sample local food are also popular, giving visitors a variety of options. It will be an especially special place for those who are interested in history.