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Jiktang Waterfall

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Jiktang Falls (直湯瀑布) is located on the main stream of the Hantangang River.
The height is only about 3 meters, so it is not grand, but the width reaches about 80 meters.
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In winter, the waterfall's stream is covered with ice, making for a beautiful view. In summer, you can feel the peace in nature while listening to the sound of water, which relaxes your mind. The spectacular natural scenery and waterfalls are so beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off them. You can feel the beauty of nature in harmony with the surrounding high mountains and stone bridges. In spring, the greenery and the sound of the waterfall harmonize to create a more peaceful atmosphere. Jiktang Falls boasts a unique appearance that is different from other waterfalls. The basalt stone bridges on both sides of the waterfall make the waterfall even more beautiful, and the way the waterfall's water flows evenly and widely provides a special feeling that is not often seen in Korea. The experience of crossing the stone bridge above the waterfall will also remain an unforgettable memory. There is also an observation deck where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the waterfall, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery at a glance. The waterfall's unique shape and beautiful natural scenery attract many people. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere around the waterfall is really nice. It brings peace of mind. If you want to experience healing in nature with the sound of a waterfall, I recommend visiting.