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Dolsandaegyo Bridge (돌산대교)

Update date: 2022-05-12


[tourist site]
Dolsandaegyo Bridge in Yeosu connects Dolsan Island to the mainland, and is a representative attraction of the city, lit up in many colored lights at night. The island of Dolsan is said to be a fortress in the ocean, and protected the nation from invaders and pirates during the Joseon dynasty. Construction on the bridge began in 1980 and was completed in 1984, with Dolsan Park being founded on the hilltop above the bridge in celebration of the bridge opening.


Address: 3617-7, Dolsan-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do (59768)
Telephone: +82-61-664-8978
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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