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Gaudo Island (가우도)

Update date: 2022-07-28


[tourist site]
Gaudo Island is the only populated island of the eight islands in Gangjinman Bay. It used to be part of Daegu-myeon until 1789 but later changed to Boam-myeon and is currently part of Doam-myeon since 1914 due to reorganization of administration. The name comes from its appearance in relation to Boeunsan Mountain in Ganjin-eup, which looks like a cow’s head. The whole island resembles a cow’s meonge (curved stick around cow’s neck used to drag farming tool) so the island became to be called Gaudo Island (Ga: Meonge in Chinese characters).

From Gaudo Island, Gangjinman Bay and uninhabited island can be seen in all directions. The coastal scenery is stunning and varied natural tourism resources grow here such as the silver magnolia, cypress colony, and Japanese black pines. Visitors can walk to the island from the mainland via a suspension bridge. When arriving to the island, a 2.5km long ecological exploring road along the mountain and coast is available. Also, fishing park which has various kinds of fishes is located in the spot where visitors can overlook at beautiful scenery of Gangjinman Bay. At the top of the island, visitors can enjoy a zip track which is an eco-friendly leisure facility, starting from Cheongja Tower (25m high).


Address: 473, Wolgot-ro, Gangjin-gun, Jeollanam-do (59251) (Korean only)
Telephone: +82-61-430-3114
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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