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Ttangkkeut Village (땅끝 관광지)

Update date: 2020-06-11


[tourist site]
This area is famous as it is on the very tip of the Korean peninsula, located in Galdu-ri of Songji-myeon. This is where Baekdusan Mountain ends reaching the tip of the peninsula. Many people visit the area so they can say they’ve stepped on the end of the land and it has long become a prime destination in Haenam.

At the summit of Sajabong peak there is an observatory that stands 38m high. From the observatory you can get a full viewing of the Dalmasan Mountain in the north while in the east, fishing vessels can be seen skirting deftly on the surface of the sea. Atop the summit of Sajabong peak, there is a restored old beacon (Bonghwadae) which in the past was strategically located to warn of approaching Japanese ships. In the village proper, the area known as Ttangkkeut Village, special events take place to celebrate the end of year and the first day of the New Year, which also draws many tourists to the area from all over the country.


Address: 42, Ttangkkeunmaeul-gil, Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do (59065) (Korean only)
Telephone: +82-61-530-5544
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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