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Osaek Carbonated Hot Spring

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Carbonated hot spring bath & 松Bulgama at Osaek Greenyard Hotel
Carbonated hot spring public sauna

松: pine pine

We are fully equipped with facilities such as a fire pit in the hot spring, theme room, therapy room, shop, cafeteria, resting room, and self-meditation room.

low-temperature carbonated hot spring
The 27˚c low-temperature hot spring, raised from 470 meters underground, stimulates the skin with a carbonic acid effect.

high-temperature alkaline hot spring
Hangyeryeong 650m highland natural hot spring

Holon Complex Hot Spring: Carbonated Hot Spring + Alkaline Hot Spring
Holon Complex Hot Spring + Rock Wave Bath: Carbonated Hot Spring + Alkaline Hot Spring + Bedrock Wave Bath + Theme Room (6 rooms) + Rest Self-meditation Room + Resting Room

Please refer to the homepage or Naver for usage fees.