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Infinity at Sydney Tower

aufrufe: 1219


View restaurant located on the 81st floor.

The meal at Infinity was really delicious. It was a flavor I especially liked. Only the dessert was a little different to my taste, but all the food was delicious. The waiter explained the menu in detail and the service was very friendly. I was happy to spend my special birthday with my friends, and I was grateful for making my birthday special. It was a place with a really beautiful view. The view was amazing and after eating we left smiling. The atmosphere was great and I knew I would definitely come back. The service was very friendly and attentive and the atmosphere was cozy. The staff also made us feel very welcome and attentive. The meal was really great and worth every penny. It was truly magical to experience Sydney from such a height. I think Infinity is a place that offers a truly special fine dining experience. Enjoying a meal on the 81st floor was fantastic and it was really cool to see the whole of Sydney.

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