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Gozip Dol Wooluck Jungmun branch

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A place that is rumored to be delicious!
Of course, keep in mind that everyone's taste is different. ^^
There are 2 more branches.
- Hamdeok Beach (east direction from the airport)

Gozip Dol Wooluck Jungmun branch is one of the best restaurants to visit during your trip to Jeju Island. The food here is delicious and plentiful. When visiting as a family or group, the table is served as a set meal, which can be said to be a convenient setup for hosting adults as well. A variety of sauces and side dishes are provided during the meal, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of dishes, making the meal more enriching. The interior is dark and the staff are friendly. We provide a comfortable atmosphere for visitors, and although we cook our food in large quantities, we take great care to maintain cleanliness. The food tastes very good. Braised rockfish is especially delicious. The seasoning is sweet and it tastes even better when mixed with rice. Fried shrimp and fried tilefish are so delicious that kids will love them. It is a famous restaurant among travelers to Jeju Island and is visited by many tourists. Considering the price, taste, and service, this is one of the restaurants I would like to visit again next time. In general, Gozip Dol Wooluck Jungmun branch is one of the restaurants that you must visit during your trip to Jeju Island. It is a perfect place to visit with family or friends.