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Lavalse Hotel

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Rating 8.6 points
Ocean View~!


Lavalse Hotel is a luxury hotel located in the northwest of Yeongdo, Busan, boasting a total of 380 spacious and comfortable rooms. This hotel is located near Yeongdodaegyo Bridge and Busan Bridge, providing excellent accessibility to the city center.

One of Lavalse Hotel's biggest boasts is its fantastic ocean view. The beautiful seascape beyond the room window helps you forget the fatigue of daily life, and the combination of the sunset at sunset and the city lights shining in the night sky creates an even more attractive night view. At night, the night view from the hotel is very beautiful, creating a romantic atmosphere, making it popular among couple travelers.

The hotel is located very close to Nampo Station and Jagalchi Market, within walking distance. Jagalchi Market is a representative tourist attraction in Busan, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and a lively market atmosphere. After visiting the market, you can taste a variety of seafood dishes and have warm interactions with local residents.

There are several food stalls lined up near the Lavalse Hotel, giving you the opportunity to taste authentic Busan street food in the evening. You can enjoy a night out in Yeongdo, Busan with a variety of food. The street food you can taste at food stalls will provide tourists with a unique experience and become a special memory of their trip to Busan.

If you like markets, Namhang Market is just a short walk south.


Busan Lavalse Hotel location