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Songdo Sea Cable Car

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Taking the cable car is a truly amazing experience as you can see the beautiful scenery of Songdo Beach and Busan at a glance. In particular, cable cars with transparent floors make your trip feel even more special as they make you feel like you are flying.

Songdo Beach is Korea's first public beach, opened in 1913, and is loved by many people with its long history. The Songdo Marine Cable Car runs approximately 1.6km over the sea from Songnim Park, located on the east side of Songdo Beach, to Amnam Park, on the west side, at a height of up to 86m. While riding this cable car, you can enjoy the amazing view of the sea and sky.

It provides tourists with unforgettable memories with an exhilarating thrill and a panoramic view of the sea. You can enjoy a unique experience as if you were walking on the sea, looking at the sea spreading beneath your feet through the transparent floor. Enjoy the natural beauty of Busan.