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Songdo Sea Cable Car

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Songdo Marine Cable Car was reborn as the 'Busan Air Cruise' brand in June 2017 through a restoration project to revive the old reputation of Songdo Beach, the first public beach in Korea.

At a height of up to 86m, it runs across the sea for 1.62km from Songrim Park in the east of Songdo Beach to Amnam Park in the west, so you can feel the thrill in the middle of the sea, Songdo Beach, Busan Yeongdo and Namhangdaegyo Bridge, Songdo Coastal Road, and the rugged cliffs with waves. You can see it with your eyes.

In addition, various experience facilities and themed facilities such as 'Dino Adventure' where huge dinosaurs move with sound, Korea's first cable car museum 'Songdo Doppelmair World', and Asia's first trapeze 'VR Sky Swing' provide the best tourist cable car experience. brings pleasure.

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