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Worldwide > Japan > Fukuoka (Beppu)

Beppu "Jigoku Meguri" Hells Tour

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Kamado Jigoku by 663highland / CC BY-SA 3.0



Below is the Wikipedia content.
Pilgrimage to Hell: The name is derived from the fact that people called this place hell because there is a quarter where the temperature is too high for people to approach, and a land where hot water erupts.

Sea Hell (Umi Jigoku): It is characterized by cobalt-colored hot springs. 98 degrees Celsius.
Mountain Hell (Yamajigoku): Breeding animals with the heat of hot springs.
Cauldron Hell (Kamadou Jigoku): It was named because it was cooked with hell quarters.
Devil Mountain Hell (Oniyama Jigoku): Also known as Crocodile Hell (Wani Jigoku). Alligators are bred.
White Pond Hell (Shiraike Jigoku): milky white. Tropical fish are raised in hot springs.
Golden Dragon Jigoku (Kinryuji Goku): The name was given because the hot spring steam looks like a golden dragon.
Blood Pond Hell (Jinoike Jigoku): Japan's greatest natural hell. It is characterized by red colored hot springs.
Whirlwind Hell (Tatsumaki Jigoku): Hot spring water gushes out at regular intervals.

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