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Dinosaur Tracksite of Hwasun, Seoyu-ri (화순 서유리 공룡발자국화석 산지)

Update date: 2020-02-25


[tourist site]
The Dinosaur Tracksite of Hwasun was discovered in 1999 during a land survery for the construction of Hwasun Hot Springs Area. Most dinosaur tracks found in Korea are located in coastal areas in cities like Haenam and Boseong, so the discovery in the inner region of Jeollanam-do was a first. Most prints here come from carnivorous dinaosaurs of the Cretaceous period. The site is famous for there being tracks from no fewer than five different dinosaurs, as well as for being one of the longest trails and most direct examples of the exact movements of the dinosaurs. The tracks of one dinosaur are the longest in the world, stretching for 40 meters. Based on the foot size of 20-22 centimeters with a stride of approximately 90 centimeters, it is estimated that the prints were formed by a 4-5 meter tall Koolasuchus. In addition to the canivorous dinosaurs, tracks were found of 12 herbivorous dinosaurs, as well as fossilized plants. These plants offer much assistance in the research of herbivorous dinosaur diets.


Address: 2080, Baega-ro, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do (58100)
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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