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Jjangttungeo (Mudskipper) Bridge (짱뚱어다리)

Update date: 2021-01-25


[tourist site]
Featuring natural areas untouched by human hands, Jeungdo Island in Sinan-gun was the first Slow City designated in Asia as of December 1, 2007. The trademark image of the island is Jjangttungeo Bridge, a 470-meter-long wooden bridge built above the mud flat. The bridge allows visitors to observe mud creatures all without stepping foot in the mud. The jjangttungeo (mudskipper) is only able to live in clean mud flats and they are easily found in this island. The name of the bridge comes from the image of many mudskippers jumping around the bridge. During low tide, the vast mud flat appears, as well as various mud organisms including mudskippers, crabs, clams and lug worms. When the tide is high, crossing this bridge will give the feeling of walking on water. The sight seen from the bridge is perfect for a date course, and the bridge leads to Ujeong Beach, which offers a beautiful view of the setting sun.


Address: Daecho-ri, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do (58807)
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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