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Hataedo Island (하태도)

Update date: 2022-10-17


[tourist site]
Hataedo Island is known to be first settled by Park Haeng-seo from the Miryang Park family when he moved out from Daeheuksando Island. The island was given its name for being the southernmost island among three clustered islands that produce abundant edible seaweed. Besides the diverse fish that inhabit the nearby waters, attracting numerous fishers, the island is also known to be a heavy producer of edible seaweed, including laver. Although most of the islanders make a living through the fishing industry, black goats are also often seen grazing on green pastures. Hataedo Island's beach is only 300 meters long, but boasts pristine beauty.


Address: 49-1, Janggul-gil, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do (58864)
Telephone: +82-61-243-2171
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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