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Gyebangsan Mountain (계방산 (평창))

Update date: 2019-07-06


[tourist site]
At an altitude of 1,579.1 meters above sea level, Gyebangsan Mountain, which faces Odaesan Mountain on the eastern part of the Taebaeksan Mountain Range, is the fifth tallest mountain in South Korea, after Hallasan Mountain, Jirisan Mountain, Seoraksan Mountain, and Deogyusan Mountain. On the west side of Gyebangsan Mountain is Unduryeong Pass(1,089 m), which has a vehicle accessible road. Asiatic black beers are said to habitate in the deep valleys on the north side, and there is Bangadari mineral water and other mineral water sources on the south side. With many varieties of herbs and wild flowers growing naturally in the area, it is also well known as a place to dig for wild ginseng. Its rare Japanese yew trees and royal azalea combined with its similar terrain to Seoraksan Mountain's Daecheongbong Peak has caused the mountain to be a highly protected ecological environment.

Gyebangsan Mountain is particularly popular for winter hikers, who can get beautiful views of the snowy landscapes of the mountain even until March. On top of that, since the difference in evelation from Unduryeong to the top of Gyebangsan is only 488 m, it welcomes even novice hikers as well. From the summit, one can see the backboone of Baekdudaegan Mountain, and with its panoramic views of Seoraksan Mountain to the north, Odaesan Mountain and Daegwallyeong to the east, and Taegisan and Hoegisan Mountains to the west, it is one of the best views in the area.


Address: 1243, Unduryeong-ro, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do (25312) (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, German)
Telephone: +82-33-332-6419
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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