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Bokjusan National Recreational Forest (국립 복주산자연휴양림)

Update date: 2021-06-07


[tourist site]
Bokjusan National Recreational Forest was officially designated as a national recreational forest in 1998. It is a home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, as well as numerous recreational facilities including two hiking routes (2.5 ㎞ and 1.5 ㎞) to the Bokjusan Mountain summit, Forest Recreation Center equipped with 10 guest rooms, and a campground.

Just 15 minutes by car from the forest is Maewoldae, where Joseon dynasty scholar and author Kim Si-Seup lived in seclusion. Maewoldae is surrounded by a lush forest with a deep valley, and also offers a magnificent view of Seonampokpo Falls at the foot of the mountain standing across. At the entrance of Maewoldae is the Cheongseokgol Outdoor Studio, where popular Korean TV dramas such as "Im KkokJong (1996)" and "Damo (2003)" were filmed.


Address: 818, Haojae-ro, Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do (24065)
Telephone: +82-33-458-9426
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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