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Sokcho Central Market (Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market)

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속초중앙시장안내도 by . / .


속초중앙시장 (속초관광수산시장)
Visit the market!

It is overflowing with fresh marine products and local specialties from the East Coast.

From Squid Sundae, Abai Sundae, and Sokcho's most popular chicken gangjeong, Sokcho Jungang Market is very famous as a famous restaurant in the East Sea.

Not expensive. A traditional traditional market that is inexpensive and has a large quantity.
In addition, there is no reason to go to the mart or department store because it is full of abundant local specialties.

With a large parking lot and a canopy in the sky, it is extremely convenient.
New facilities have been introduced to make shopping more comfortable.
As a result of the market modernization project, Sokcho Jungang Market has become more perfect.

Sokcho Jungang Market is our traditional central market that is suitable for traveling. Sokcho, Donghae,
It has become a must-see tourist destination for Goseong travel.
We are happy to welcome many tourists from all over the country.
At the underground sashimi center, you can taste live fish at a reasonable price. The large parking lot that can accommodate 350 cars can be used free of charge with a parking ticket when shopping.
Now, don't worry about parking and start shopping comfortably.