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Best hotel in Busan: Lavalse Hotel
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It is a huge Vinpearl Land.
You can guess by clicking on the YouTube icon and watching the video.
Vinpearl Land has a water park, amusement park, aquarium, zoo, botanical garden, hotel resort and golf course.
There is not just one hotel on the island, there are several.
You can go by cable car.
It takes about 20 minutes to reach Vinpearl Land across the sea.
You can enjoy the splendid panoramic view.
There are so many people trying to get on, so you have to wait a long time.
If you purchase a daily pass (880,000 VND = about 40,000 KRW) to go to the island, you can use/visit the rides, water park, zoo, game land, aquarium, and botanical garden.
Hotel guests can use/visit for free, so I think it's better to stay at a hotel.
At the amusement park, the Alpine Coaster is the most popular and requires a long wait.
If you don't want to wait, you can use the Express Pass, which allows you to pay more and get on faster. ^^