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Cha Hyeon-hee Soft Tofu Cheonggukjang Main Branch

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Heo Young-man. Soft tofu hotpot set meal, tofu hotpot set meal, cheonggukjang set meal, bean biji hotpot set meal, soft tofu white set meal, and all.

Cha Hyeon-hee's Soft Tofu Cheonggukjang main branch is a soft tofu specialty restaurant located on Chodang Soft Tofu-gil, Gangneung-si. Delicious side dishes are provided. Especially the grilled flounder. The parking lot is large, so parking is convenient, and even though the store has become larger, the prices are still reasonable. Another advantage is that the service is friendly and the food comes out quickly. If you order soft tofu hotpot or soft tofu set meal, you can feel the savory taste of soft tofu, which is well received by many people. Kongbiji hotpot and grilled dried pollack are also delicious, so they are one of the menu items that many people look for. It has established itself as a restaurant loved in various aspects such as taste, quantity, service, and price range. If you visit Gangneung, please visit.