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Busan An Myeonok

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Phone number: 053-424-9389
Address: 4 Gukchaebosang-ro 125-gil (8-6 Gongpyeong-dong), Jung-gu, Daegu
About 550m from Exit 3 of Jungangno Station

The only naengmyeon restaurant that came down from Pyongyang

1905 Owner Ahn Jin-hyeong, who opened Anmyeonok in Pyongyang
1953 Moved An Myeon-ok to Busan, Owner An Mok-cheon
1969 Moved Busan Anmyeonok to Daegu, Owner Bang Sooyoung
From 2009 to present, inherited the family business, Owner Bang Moonjin

Anmyeonok is the oldest naengmyeon restaurant on record and the restaurant with the longest history run by its family.