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Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park

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Danang Nui Thanh Thai Hot Spring Park.
You can enjoy the swimming pool and mud bath.

Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Da Nang. This place is loved by many tourists as it is a place where you can enjoy hot springs, water parks, spas, massages, mud, and various other activities. The biggest advantage is that there are various activities and facilities, so you can have a variety of fun with your family, lovers, and friends. That means you can feel it. In particular, hot springs are divided into various temperatures, so you can choose one according to the weather or personal preference. Mud massage is also available, which helps relieve fatigue and smooth the skin. The water park has a variety of slides, making it a fun place for both children and adults. In particular, the Dragon Slide is one of the most popular slides that many people visit. It feels exhilarating, and although there are weight restrictions, it is very popular as most people can enjoy it. A buffet is provided for meals, and it is well-received by many tourists as they can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes. It is evaluated as excellent value for money, so many people are satisfied and want to visit again. Another advantage is the friendly service and quick assistance provided by local staff. Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park is clean and well-maintained, providing visitors with a comfortable and enjoyable environment. For this reason, many people visit and enjoy this place, and it is considered one of the must-visit places when traveling to Da Nang.

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