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Thailand's TongTemToh is a place where you can enjoy northern Thai cuisine at a reasonable price. This place offers a unique menu that is hard to find in typical Thai restaurants. Unlike the chicken wings you usually see at this restaurant, you can enjoy the two bones fried individually. A salad with ant eggs may seem a bit bland, but it will appeal to those looking for a new experience. All you can eat very tasty and reasonably priced Northern Thai food. The staff was friendly and helpful, and there were about 20 people waiting when we visited during lunch time. I especially thought the tripe dish was very delicious. This restaurant is worth a visit for those looking to experience northern cuisine. The food was served very quickly after ordering, the atmosphere was beautiful and the restaurant itself was nice. The Burmese curry was very flavorful and the meat was soft and just right, not too dry. This restaurant is busy but has plenty of seating options. Although we do not take advance reservations, we do offer a token system to allow you to wait in line at the restaurant to reduce waiting times. This is a great place to visit at night and the prices are reasonable. The food is simple yet delicious. This restaurant is recommended for those looking to experience Northern Thai food and is also recommended by locals. The surroundings were clean and the breeze was cool, so the atmosphere was nice. The price was reasonable and I liked that I would visit again. There may be a wait time when you visit, but the quick food and friendly service ensure you'll enjoy a satisfying meal.