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Seomyeon Station

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There are so many people.

Busan Seomyeon Station is located in the center of Busan and is a transportation hub with many passengers passing by. This is a station where you can transfer to Line 2, so there is a lot of traveling population. Seomyeon Station is famous for being a place where you can enjoy food and shopping, as it is home to a variety of shops and restaurants. Seomyeon Station is a clean and well-maintained station, and is one of the important stations where Lines 1 and 2 intersect. It is connected to the Seomyeon underground shopping mall and the main branch of Lotte Department Store in Busan, so it has a developed commercial district and a lively floating population. In particular, there is a street selling various foods around Seomyeon Station, making it popular with tourists. Seomyeon Station is a place that many foreign tourists visit, making it a great place to enjoy a variety of foods and products. The atmosphere around the station is lively as many people pass by. Seomyeon Station is a must-visit place for tourists traveling to Busan.