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Miryang Sundae Pork Gukbap Haeundae Branch

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Busan Main Branch, since 1978.


This restaurant is famous for its delicious Sundae Gukbap located near Haeundae Station. The first thing to mention is the delicious food. Both Sundae Gukbap and Pork Gukbap are delicious because the soup is rich and the flavor of the meat goes well together. The broth was thick and there was no meaty smell at all, so I was able to enjoy a clean taste. The fresh meat and rich broth really captured my taste buds. The store has a good atmosphere, so you can visit with children. It was a perfect atmosphere for a family gathering with children or a small meal out with friends. The entire second floor was expanded into a restaurant, so I was able to enjoy a meal comfortably using the large space. Service was very efficient. Ordering was easy and food was served quickly, so I was able to eat comfortably without waiting. One of the good things I remembered was the friendly response of the staff. It is open 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy delicious food even late at night. What was attractive was that I could visit and enjoy a delicious meal at any time. Basic side dishes were provided in the restaurant and there was a self-service bar so you could enjoy as many side dishes as you wanted. The side dishes added harmony to the food and made the meal even more delicious. It is close to Haeundae Beach and is easily accessible to tourists.