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Epic Boracay

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. by Epic Boracay / .


Open from 9am to 4am according to Google.
Delicious meals served for breakfast and during the day. In the evening it becomes an exciting club.

Epic Boracay is a wonderful place to enjoy a memorable dining experience with spectacular beach views. I had a mojito or a caipirinha. When I said I wanted to order, the staff brought me a menu. We had a delicious meal and enjoyed long conversations. I enjoyed having sand between my toes. If you time your visit to catch the sunset, this is a great place to enjoy a memorable dining experience. The staff were very attentive. This is a beach restaurant located at the entrance to the beach. The tables are spaced too close together, but that's a characteristic of stores in front of the beach. I ordered chicken strips and fish and chips for dinner. I ordered Italian pepperoni pizza and bacon mushroom pasta. I recommend the Italian truffle cream mac and cheese. I ordered butter chicken and cheesecake and it was delicious. Among the bar food, the chicken wings were delicious. The music was up to date, the sound quality was good, and the guests were also nice. It is open for breakfast and lunch, and transforms into a popular bar in the evening. Overall, the meat was very tender and delicious. This is a great restaurant where you can enjoy good food while looking at the beach. The service wasn't fast, but the food and view were great so it wasn't bad enough to make up for it. I visited in the morning and drank coconut water and it was delicious. The staff were very friendly and the prices were reasonable.