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Baan Somtum Sathorn

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Baan Somtum Sathorn is a well-known and popular restaurant located in Bangkok, Thailand. This restaurant specializes in serving Somtum, which is a traditional Thai green papaya salad, and other Isaan (Northeastern Thai) and Thai dishes. Somtum is typically made with shredded green papaya, chilies, garlic, fish sauce, lime juice, and other ingredients to create a flavorful and often spicy salad.

Baan Somtum Sathorn is known for its commitment to authentic Thai flavors and the quality of its dishes. In addition to Somtum, you can expect to have a variety of traditional Thai dishes on the menu, such as grilled meats, seafood, spicy curries, and sticky rice. The restaurant aims to offer a genuine taste of Thai cuisine, including both the spicy and savory flavors that Thai food is renowned for.

There are other branches as well, so check out which ones are best to go to.

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