Guanziling Hot Spring

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Guanziling Hot Springs is a famous hot springs located in Baihe District, northern Tainan, Taiwan. It is one of the very popular hot spring villages. Guanziling is famous for its unique mud hot springs. It is said to have therapeutic effects due to its high mineral content.

1. It is famous for its mud hot springs, which are different from ordinary geothermal hot springs. These mud springs are filled with mud rich in sulfur and minerals, which are known to have various health benefits. The mud is often used as a natural skin treatment and is said to help with conditions such as eczema and arthritis.

2. The surrounding scenery is very beautiful with unique geology. The presence of sulfur deposits and mineral-rich water led to this formation with colorful rocks containing yellow, red, and white rocks. A great place to relax and enjoy outdoor activities in a quiet country setting.

3. Guanziling takes approximately 1 hour by car from Tainan City.

4. There are various hot spring facilities and accommodations.
Example: Li Quan Hot Spring Resort

Relax in a unique mud bath in a beautiful natural environment.