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Dolmeori Beach (돌머리해변)

Update date: 2021-10-26


[tourist site]
Dolmeori Beach is located at the westernmost point of Hampyeong-eup on a rocky tip, giving the beach its name Dolmeori, meaing a rock head.

Near the beach, there is a dense forest of sweet smelling pine trees and fresh water which is shallow enough for swimming. Although the difference in the landscape between high and low tide is considerable, efforts have been made to make up for the shortcomings. A swimming pool has been installed over an area of 8,910 square meters, for swimming even during low tide. Also, various facilities have been installed for the visitors' convenience. A long, wooden bridge was installed for the viewing of the mud flats and sea creatures during low tide. On the mud flats there is a flurry of sea life, and the look-out sheds near the beach sell fresh summer fruits.


Address: 614, Jupo-ro, Hampyeong-gun, Jeollanam-do (57137)
Telephone: +82-61-322-0011
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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