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Jungni Beach (중리해수욕장)

Update date: 2021-07-14


[tourist site]
Jungni Beach is the best beach for swimming in the sea on Bogildo Island. The white sandy beach is long and the depth of the water is shallow enough for people to enjoy, even at 200 meters into the water. The beach is also lined with pine trees that provide shade from the hot sun. The road to the beach is also paved, making it easy to reach.

Within a little distance from Jungni Beach there is a small and beautiful beach called Tongni Beach. The silver sand is lined with pine trees and the water is shallow. During summer, visitors can access the shower booths, water fountains, and convenience store at Jungni Beach and Tongni Beach. Accommodations and restaurants can be found in the nearby village. Approximately 1.5 kilometers away, there is an evergreen forest (Natural Monument No. 40) and a river with large black rocks stretching 1 kilometer.


Address: Jungtong-ri, Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do (59163)
Telephone: +82-61-550-6625
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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