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Daege Wonjo Village (Chayu Fishing Village) (대게원조 차유어촌체험마을)

Update date: 2021-12-21


[tourist site]
The crabs caught from the sea near this village had legs that resemble bamboo shoots, earning the name "daege," combining the letters that mean bamboo and crab in Korean. The village was originally known as Chayu Village, meaning "to cross on a wagon," from during the Goryeo period because the village resembled a saddle on a wagon. But recently, it has been renamed Yeongdeok Daege Wonjo Village and a local monument has been established. The nearby Gyeongjeong Breakwater is famous among anglers.


Address: Chuksan-myeon, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do (36422)
Telephone: +82-10-9371-4967
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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