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Namae Beach (남애해수욕장)

Update date: 2021-07-15


[tourist site]
Namae Beach, located in Namae-ri, Yangyang-gun, is divided into three sections. The uppermost section, known as Gaetmaeul Beach, is 310 meters long and 69 meters wide and is ideal for a quiet and peaceful vacation. It is also a treasure trove of biodiversity and hosts interesting events that change every year. The second beach right below is Namae 3-ri Beach, a 504 meter-long, 77 meter-wide beach with shallow waters and fine sand and a host of accommodations and amenities serving tourists. The southernmost beach is Namae 1-ri Beach, a small beach that is 396 meters in length and 36 meters in x_width. It is a popular fishing site because of the large number of rocks along the shore, and its relative obscurity keeps the beach clean and tidy. The nearby Namaehang Port is said to be one of the “Three Beautiful Ports on the East Coast,” and a famous sunrise spot. Namaehang Skywalk and Undersea Experiential Learning Center can be found nearby as well.


Address: 14, Maeho-gil, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do (25056)
Telephone: +82-33-670-2518
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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