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Biryongpokpo Falls (비룡폭포)

Update date: 2021-04-09


[tourist site]
Biryongpokpo Falls is 2.4 km away in the south from the Seoraksan Small Park ticket booth. Biryongpokpo Falls is located between Towangseong Falls in the upper region and Yukdam Falls in the lower region. Biryongpokpo Falls was named after the shape of the water stream of the falls (pokpo) resembling a dragon (ryong) ascending (bi) to heaven. Their powerful water streams pouring into the narrow and rough valley look like a legendary dragon. There is another tale associated with Biryongpokpo Falls. A dragon lived here, and one day villagers offered a maiden to the dragon to break the drought. Then, the dragon flew up to the sky, and there were no more droughts in the village. The waterfalls drop 16 m to the ground and their loud sound resonates in the valley. In winter, the waterfalls freeze and the frozen water columns offer another magnificent view. A clear pond is formed beneath the falls and around which there is a wooden observation deck. Biryongpokpo Falls and Surroundings in Seoraksan Mountain were designated as the Scenic Site No. 95. It takes about 1 hr from the Small Park to the Biryongpokpo Falls, while it takes about 3 hr (round-trip) to visit up to Towangseong Falls and Yukdam Falls. The difficulty level of this tour course is ordinary.


Address: Seoraksan National Park, Seorak-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do (24903)
Telephone: +82-33-801-0900
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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