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Jeonju Sikdang (전주식당)

Update date: 2021-10-16


Jeonju Sikdang is a noted restaurant for Haenam folk cuisine. It was designated by the Korean Traditional Culture Preservation Society after getting many awards, such as Special Culinary Award.

The main items on the menu are pyogo jeongol (shitake mushroom hot pot) and sanchae jeongsik (set menu with seasoned wild vegetables). In particular, the restaurant's signature pyogo jeongol uses ingredients that are all prepared in house using organic shitake mushrooms, beef, Manila clams, along with other seafood and vegetables, giving it a clean and rich taste. The theme of the restaurant, “Enjoying natural dishes in the mountains,” fits perfectly with the taste of their mushrooms, which carries a excellent taste without the addition of any artificial seasoning. The restaurant also sells dongdongju (traditional Korean liquor), a drink that brings deeper flavors of the food.


Address: 170, Daeheungsa-gil, Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do (59047)
Telephone: +82-61-532-7696
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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