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Boseong Ganggol Traditional Village (보성 강골마을)

Update date: 2020-03-09


[tourist site]
Ganggol village is one of the few remaining hanok villages from the Joseon dynasty that has maintained its original look. Most of the houses in the village were built by the Gwangju Lee Clan after the 19th century. About 30 houses stand closely together with Obongsan Mountain located behind the village. Old cherry blossom, magnolia, and pomegranate trees stand throughout the village, protecting the houses. Stone walls between the houses are covered with ivy and bamboo. With all the scenery, the village retains the atmosphere of a typical Korean old town.

In the Ganggol Village Experience Program, participants spend a night at the traditional Hanok village where Koreans actually lived during the Joseon dynasty to experience the lifestyle of the old days (using conventional toilets and getting water from a well, etc.). In addition, during the cherry blossom blooming period, participants also have the chance to experience into the beauty of cherry blossoms at the Cherry Blossom Café at Deungnyang Train Station. From spring through early autumn, participants are surrounded by the beautiful scenery and scent of the misty Boseong green tea fields at dawn. An eco experience programs runs from spring to fall and offers participants a chance to catch clams and mud shrimp at Deungnyangman Bay.


Address: 15-9, Yeokjeon-gil, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do (59437) (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Telephone: +82-61-853-2885
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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