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Yanggu Eco-Botanical Garden (양구생태식물원)

Update date: 2022-08-18


[tourist site]
First opened in June 2004, Yanggu Eco-Botanical Garden was built on a total area of 189,141 ㎡. Nearly 3.1 billion Korean won (approximately 3 million USD) was spent on the construction and it was built to be developed into a South and North Korean ecosystem restoration center. Located in the northernmost region of South Korea, it houses more than 400 rare plants including plants that are Korean native species and protected by Korean Ministry of Environment.

The garden is divided into six parts by their features including a botanical garden, natural forest, and facilities zone. In the botanical garden, rare plants such as northern native plants and alpine plants that are naturally grown in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and Yanggu area are displayed in one place.

There are also walking trails, a medicinal plants exhibition hall, plant nursery, and greenhouse. To add a natural and lively touch to the garden, a mountain stream zone and wetlands zone were prepared to provide people with the chance to enjoy the pleasant sound of running water.


Address: 169, Sumgol-ro 310beon-gil, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do (24511)
Telephone: +82-33-480-7391
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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