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Muan Hoesan White Lotus Pond (무안회산백련지)

Update date: 2021-02-17


[tourist site]
Muan Hoesan White Lotus Pond is the largest habitat of white lotus in Asia, covering an area of approximately 330,000 square meters in Bogyong-ri, Muan-gun in Jeollanam-do. This pond was originally a reservoir made during the Japanese colonial period for irrigation, but was abandoned with the development of the Yeongsangang River system. The reservoir was recreated and expanded into today's lotus habitat thanks to the effort of Jeong Su-dong, who planted twelve lotus roots along the shoreline and took care of them dearly after dreaming of twelve white cranes landing upon the reservoir. The white lotus flowers in this pond blossom and fall from July until September. A lotus festival is held in August, when the flowers are at their peak.


Address: 333, Baengnyeon-ro, Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do (58571)
Telephone: +82-61-283-1325
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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