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Historical site of General Chung Ki-ryong (Chunguisa Temple) (정기룡장군 유적지(충의사))

Update date: 2022-08-10


[tourist site]
Chunguisa Temple is home to the tablets of General Chung Ki-ryong, a great army general who led during the reign of Joseon King Seonjo. In 1974, the temple and related relics were designated as a Regional Cultural Asset Monument. The area was expanded in 1978 to include a museum which displays Relics Related to Jeong Gi-ryong, a designated Treasure. The temple also hosts a reenactment of the recovery of Sangjuseong Fortress every October.


Address: 230, Chungui-ro, Sangju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do (37129)
Telephone: +82-54-537-6095
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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