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Soando Island (소안도)

Update date: 2021-11-12


[tourist site]
Soando Island was settled by the Oh Family of Dongbok and the Kim Family of Gimhae, who moved to the island during the Imjin War. It was a very patriotic island during the Japanese occupation, stated to have flown the Korean flag all-year round. Patriots like Song Nae-ho, who fought hard for Korean independence, are remembered on the island at Soan Independence Movement Hall.

In addition, Mira-ri and Maengseong-ri Evergreen Forests, which have been designated as Natural Monuments No. 339 and No. 400 respectively, offer a breathtaking ocean view. Mira-ri Evergreen Forest, in particular, is famous for its unique mudflat pebbles. The waters around the island are also popular among fishermen nationwide.


Address: Soan-myeon, Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do ()
Telephone: +82-61-550-5609
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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