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Yongyeon Pond (용연)

Update date: 2021-06-08


[tourist site]
Famous for its beautiful nightscape, Yongyeon Pond was formed by fresh water collecting at the end of a mountain valley before meeting the salty sea water. The pond is so deep that the bottom cannot be seen. The wooden Yongyeon Cloud Bridge crossing the pond and the pavilion are in harmony with the valley landscape. Legend has it that the pond was created by the water raining down off of a dragon that ascended to heaven. The name, meaning Dragon Pond, also comes from the belief that the dragon of Yongduam (Dragon Head Rock) just 200 meters to the west would come to this pond to play.


Address: Donghandugi-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (63153)
Telephone: +82-64-740-6000
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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