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Darangswi Oreum (Wollangbong Peak) (다랑쉬오름(월랑봉))

Update date: 2020-05-06


[tourist site]
Located the Northeastern part of Jeju Island, Darangswi Oreum is a parasitic volcano that stands about 380 meters above sea level. From Darangswi Oreum, visitors can overlook tourist attractions such as Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak), Udo Island, Hallasan Mountain, coastlines, and various parasitic cones.

The mountain has an oval shape from south to north with a steep incline. The top has a large, deep funnel-shaped crater that still preserves its original shape unlike craters in cones. The name Darangswi is derived from the fact that the mountain looks like a moon ('Da' meaning 'Moon' and 'Swi' meaning 'Mountain' in the Jeju dialect).

Trees are scattered here and there at the top, and the outskirts of the mountain are decorated with cedar trees. Meadow plants such as Aster yomena populate most of the mountain. A gentle hill to the right of Darangswi Oreum is called Akkeun Darangswi Oreum (also called Sowol Nangak). Meaning 'small,' 'Akkeun' is both old Korean and Jeju dialect.

Darangswi Oreum hosts Wollang Peak Sunrise Festival every year allowing visitors to see the spectacular full moon from the crater. There are wooden stairs in place for easy ascent, and the mountain is also a popular site for paragliders.


Address: San 6, Sehwa-ri, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (63361) (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Malay)
Telephone: +82-64-740-6000
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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