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popular restaurants in seoul south korea

명동교자 본점
Since 1966!
Michelin Bib Gourmand.
Kalguksu, dumplings, bibim guksu, bean guksu.
A restaurant famous for its Samgyetang restaurant.
since 1983.
Ikseon-dong Hanok Street
There are various restaurants and cafes.

Cheongsudang Café , Tteuran Tea House , Nakwon , Mil Toast , Soha Salt Pond , Chanyang-jip , Donut Jungsu Ikseon , Flower Yard Cafe , Ppasyongsyong , Apgujeongharu Jongno , Woo’z Bakery , Cafe 1993 , Yankees Burger , Oncheonjib , Ikseon-dong Cafe SIKMUL , Tteuran Tea House , Ikseon Chihyang , DongBaek Bakery soufflé pancakes , Onhwa Cafe , Parigaok , Ramiscon Ikseon Branch, Two-story Western-style house, Ikseon Pork Cutlet, etc.

진옥화 할매 닭한마리 본점
Since 1978. Chicken Hanmari, Rice Cakes, Parsari, Potato Sari, Noodles Sari.
since 1946.
A restaurant specializing in Pyongyang-style naengmyeon.
Awarded Michelin Bib Gourmand.
Traditional Pyongyang Naengmyeon, Traditional Pyongyang Bibim Naengmyeon, Onmyeon, Kimchi Roll Naengmyeon, Janggukbap, Yukgaejang, Galbitang, Ribs, Raw Sirloin, Raw Raw Meat, Bulgogi.

Mugyo-dong Bugeo-guk-jip

since 1968
This is a restaurant specializing in dried pollack haejangguk
오장동흥남집 본점
Hoe Bibim Naengmyeon, Meat Bibim Naengmyeon, Mixed Naengmyeon, Mulnaengmyeon, Onmyeon, Hoemuchim, Boiled Pork
Since opening in 1953, it is the oldest cold noodle restaurant that has been passed down as a 4th generation family business in one place.
Located in Hamheung Naengmyeon Street in Ojang-dong, Ojang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul.
nationwide expansion.

For reference, there is also a Ojang-dong Hamheung Naengmyeon restaurant in  (same since 1953) nearby.

Ojang-dong Heungnam House Main Branch is one of the famous cold noodle restaurants in Korea and is visited by many customers. This place is famous for its meat naengmyeon and hoenaengmyeon, and among them, hoenaengmyeon is considered to be especially delicious. The thickness of the noodles, their chewy texture, and the delicious seasoning made with a sesame oil and soy sauce base are attracting customers. There is a very subtle difference, and I think that's the charm. We provide quality food commensurate with the price. This restaurant, which provides a delicious experience every time you eat, is perfect for a special occasion or a meal with your loved ones. Another advantage is that you can eat the food right away once you order it, so there is almost no waiting. The noodles are chewy and seasoned just right, so you'll be amazed with every bite. The spiciness of Hoenaengmyeon is just right and the seasoning is well seasoned, making it truly delicious. It is a restaurant with a long history and tradition, which is one of the reasons why customers want to come back. This restaurant, which does its best to ensure that customers have a satisfactory experience in terms of taste and service, always welcomes and treats customers. This service creates a comfortable dining atmosphere for customers and has made this restaurant a favorite for a long time. It is impressive that they respond quickly to the diverse needs of their customers and always listen to their opinions and make improvements. Thanks to these efforts, our customers are always able to have a satisfactory experience, and through this, we have been able to win the love of our customers for a long time. It delights its guests with delicious food and excellent service, and is considered one of the restaurants that represent Korea's food culture. Our efforts to always maintain the highest quality and provide diverse experiences to our guests are loved by many. As a restaurant that constantly strives to provide a satisfying dining experience to everyone, we expect it to receive even more love in the future.

Song-rim Restaurant

This is a restaurant specializing in pork bulgogi.

Saebyukjib Cheongdam-dong Branch

새벽집 청담동점
This is a Korean food restaurant open 24 hours a day in Cheongdam-dong.
Saebyuk means dawn

Pizza Hill Grand Walkerhill Seoul

피자힐 그랜드워커힐서울
It's located on a hill, so the view is great.
Enjoy freshly baked pizza and pasta with beer or wine.
I had a happy time with my family.
It's a great place to visit on special days because you can eat pizza and pasta while looking at the Han River.

Daedo Restaurant Wangsimni Main Branch

대도식당 왕십리본점
Since 1964.
This is a popular restaurant where you can eat Korean beef sirloin.
The meat is really delicious.
The atmosphere is truly luxurious.
The ingredients seem to be of the highest quality.
The kkakdugi fried rice is delicious.
This is a good restaurant to go to with family.
A popular tteokbokki + seasoned dumpling restaurant.

Linus BBQ

라이너스 바베큐
This restaurant serves American barbecue located near Itaewon Station or Noksapyeong Station.
Suitable for two people or a group.
The restaurant atmosphere is good.
The meat is delicious and the French fries are very crispy.

The River Side Hotel Buffet The Garden Kitchen

더 리버 사이드 호텔 뷔페 더 가든키친
Because it is so popular, there are a lot of customers.
The staff is friendly and the food is delicious.
Very good value for money.
There are many rooms, making it great for group gatherings.
I am satisfied. I am willing to visit again at any time.
I visited recently and want to go again.

Jaha Son Mandu

since 1993.
This is a restaurant specializing in dumplings in a renovated house.
You can eat healthy dumpling soup carefully prepared with kimchi.

Imun Seolnongtang

이문설농탕 (里門설농탕)
It is said to be the first officially registered restaurant in Korea.
It opened in 1904 and was selected as a Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand.
It is located in Gyeonji-dong, Jongno-gu, and is approximately 190 meters away from Jonggak Station Exit 3-1.
It is said that the beef bones are boiled in a large cast iron pot for a long time.
딘타이펑 강남점
Taiwan brand restaurant.
Expanding worldwide.
There are more branches besides here, check the website.

Kyochon Chicken Dongdaemun No. 1

교촌치킨 동대문1호점
If you want to eat Korean chicken, which is loved all over the world, visit here.
The fried chicken is very juicy and not dry at all.
It is located near exit 6 of Dongdaemun Station.
Open 24 hours a day.

Kyochon Chicken is a Korean fried chicken restaurant chain established in 1991.

Brooklyn The Burger Joint Garosu-gil Branch

브루클린더버거조인트 가로수길점
Do you want to eat a juicy handmade burger? It perfectly embodies the unique flavor and taste of American burgers.
The Cheeseburger and Brooklyn Works are popular.
It is located approximately 410 meters from Exit 8 of Sinsa Station.

Bonny’s Pizza Pub

This is a pizza pub located in Haebangchon, Yongsan-gu.
You can taste a variety of beers and pizza.
It takes about 10 minutes (600 meters) from Exit 2 of Noksapyeong Station.
Eat a variety of cup rice at an affordable price!

Stores where you can experience Korea's cup rice culture are considered places where you can enjoy a variety of menus. After eating a cup of rice, it can be a fun experience to look around for snacks or other menu items. I recommend visiting at least once because the quality of food is excellent for the price. Korea's cup rice culture is famous for not having anything to disappoint. It is a place that many people visit because they can enjoy a generous amount of food at reasonable prices. You can taste various types of cup rice, so you can enjoy it without hesitation as there is a wide range of choices. Considering the taste and quantity, it is very cost-effective, making it a perfect option for a meal. When eating cup rice, you can choose a menu with fresh ingredients and various toppings, making it a satisfying experience in terms of taste and nutrition. There is space between the stores to sit or stand, so you can enjoy your meal comfortably. The food served in the stores is made on the spot, so it boasts fresh and delicious quality. The friendly service of the store owners is also satisfactory, making it a place you will want to visit several times. Cupbap Street, which has been introduced in various media, has many attractive foods, so you won't regret visiting. Cupbap, which is cheap in price and rich in taste and quantity, will be an attractive option. When you visit Cupbap Street, you can enjoy a variety of foods, and the price-quality ratio is also high, making it a place that many people visit. It is attractive to be able to enjoy high-quality food at a low price while eating cup rice, and there are spaces between various stores where you can enjoy good food, so you can enjoy your meal comfortably. Eating cup rice will be an enjoyable experience. , is considered a place where you can enjoy a variety of menus. Visit Cupbap Street, where you can eat delicious food with good value for money. You can enjoy a delicious meal while eating a cup of rice, and especially, you can enjoy your meal comfortably in the rest areas provided between stores. Cupbap is considered a place where you can enjoy various types of food.


This is a very old Korean-Chinese restaurant (since 1948) located near Euljiro 3-ga subway station.

Hanilkwan Apgujeong

This restaurant was founded in 1939.
There are several branches in Seoul.
You can try bulgogi and other Korean dishes.
The Apgujeong main branch opened in 2008.

Soi Yeonnam

This is the main branch of Soi Yeonnam, a Thai restaurant located in Hannam-dong.
It is so popular that even Thai people visit it.
It is located approximately 650m from Exit 3 of Hongik University Station.
There are branches in several locations in Seoul.

traditional Korean food.

Since 1957. Located near Chungmuro Station.

BTS filmed here.


Mapo yangji seolleongtang

This is a restaurant specializing in seolleongtang that opened in 1974.
It is located near Gongdeok Station in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

It is a traditional Korean food made by adding a bowl of rice to the soup and eating it with kimchi.
This restaurant specializes in sundae cuisine and is located about 3 minutes away from Exit 3 of Hanseong Baekje Station.
It appears on TV and is very popular.

Jeongwon Restaurant Urban Garden

This is an Italian restaurant located not too far from Seodaemun Station.
It is within walking distance from Deoksugung Palace.

Gyerim Sikdang

This restaurant specializes in dakdoritang (Spicy Chicken Stew) near Exit 12 of Jongno 3-ga Station.

Grandma Na Jeong Sun's Jjukkumi (webfoot octopus)

This is a restaurant specializing in webfoot octopus located near Jegi-dong Station.

Moon Bae-dong Yook-kal

Try yukkal (yukgaejang + kalguksu) with a deep flavor made from broth made from brisket and beef bones.
It is located near the Samgakji station.

Tuk Tuk Noodle Thai

This is a Thai restaurant located in Yeonnam-dong, Seoul.
They sell a variety of Thai food.
This restaurant was selected as a Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand.


This is a restaurant (since 1956) specializing in yukgaejang and yang-mu-chim near Euljiro 1-ga Station.

Junglimjang Seolleongtang

This is a seolleongtang restaurant (since 1972) located near Chungjeongno Station.
It is within walking distance from Seoul Station.

Jungsik Seoul

This is a fine dining restaurant located in Cheongdam-dong that received two Michelin stars.
It is located near Apgujeong Rodeo Station.

Johnny Dumpling Main Store

This is a dumpling specialty restaurant (since 2007) located near Itaewon Station.


Located at Exit 11 or 12 of City Hall Station in Seoul, this restaurant specializes in noodle dishes (since 1961) and was awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand.

Mapo Ok beef soup

This is a seolleongtang restaurant (since 1949) located near Exit 1 of Mapo Station.
This restaurant was selected for the Michelin Bib Gourmand.

Arichai Sillim Branch

This is a large Chinese restaurant located in Sillim-dong, Seoul.
It is located not far from Sillim Station or Danggok station.

Pizzeria O Main Store

This is a pizza restaurant located near Hyehwa Station.

Pizzeria O offers a variety of pizzas and excellent wines.
The atmosphere is nice, there is a nice terrace seating area and the service is friendly.
The pizza was chewy. The taste of the pasta was exotic and savory.
This is a decent-sized restaurant where you can taste a variety of pizzas.
Overall it was a really good experience. Food and drinks are delicious.
There is a nice terrace with lots of sunlight.

Hannam Buk Eot Soup

Located in Hannam-dong, it is a restaurant that sells dried pollack soup and various other dishes.

Braai Republic Itaewon

This is a South African restaurant located near Itaewon Station (about 400 meters from Exit 4).

Yomenya Goemon Gangnam Branch

Yomenya Goemon Gangnam branch is located in front of exits 9 and 10 of Gangnam Station.

Yomenya Goemon(洋麺屋五右衛門) is a Japanese restaurant chain (since 1973) famous for its pasta dishes. The restaurant's concept is a fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine, offering a variety of pasta dishes with a Japanese twist. Popular dishes include Japanese spaghetti with ingredients such as miso, seaweed, and bonito flakes. Yomenya Goemon has received rave reviews in Japan for its unique fusion of flavors.

Sundae Silrok Daehakro Main Branch

This is a sundae specialty restaurant located near Hyehwa Station.

Piyangkong Halmani Main Store

This is a restaurant specializing in okara and bean noodles located in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
This restaurant was selected for the Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand.
An old lady from Pyongyang has been running it for a long time.
Piyang is said to mean Pyongyang in the dialect of Pyeongan Province.
popular restaurants in other cities in south korea

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