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금수복국 해운대본점

Since 1970, Hwalcham Bokguk, Milbokguk, Bokhoe moochim, Bok skin moochim, Bok skin fried, kkachi Bokguk, Eunbokguk, Bokjjim, Boksuyuk, Fried Bokbokki, Bok-sashimi


Geumsu Bokguk Haeundae Main Branch is a pufferfish restaurant located at 23, Jungdong 1-ro 43beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan. This restaurant can be reached by getting off at Haeundae Station or Jungdong Station and walking a short distance. It is about 600 meters away from Haeundae Station and close to Haeundae Beach.

Geumsu Bokguk Haeundae Main Branch is open 24 hours a day, providing the convenience of visiting at any time. The phone number for inquiries is 0507-1334-3600. As a pufferfish restaurant with 50 years of tradition, we have built up trust along with our long history. We operate several directly managed stores and maintain consistent taste and quality in all stores.

In particular, it boasts a deep and rich taste as it uses all sauces made in-house. This sincerity and effort was recognized for its value when it was selected for the Michelin Guide Busan. You can enjoy various puffer dishes such as eunbok soup, milbok soup, kkachi bok soup, and hwal Bok soup.

Eunbok soup is springy, Milbok soup is chewy, kkachi Bok soup is soft, and Hwal Bok soup has the real taste.

We strive to provide our guests with the best dining experience possible. Taste fugu cuisine made with over 50 years of tradition and sincerity.


This pork soup restaurant is located near the Busan West Bus Terminal and has many customers. This restaurant can be reached by a short walk from Exit 1 of Gwaebeop Renecite Station or Exit 1 of Sasang Station. The address is 34 Gwangjang-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan.

We are open 24 hours a day, giving you the convenience of visiting at any time. The restaurant's phone number is 051-317-2478.

It features a soup with a rich flavor. The soup has a rich and rich taste, which attracts many customers. Unlike other restaurants, minced garlic is used. In addition to pork soup, boiled pork is delicious and kimchi is also delicious, so it goes well with pork soup.

The restaurant is spacious and can accommodate many guests. Rice is provided with unlimited refills so you can enjoy it to your heart's content.

This pork soup restaurant is loved by both tourists and locals visiting Busan, and is the best place to enjoy a hearty and delicious meal. Enjoy the deep taste of pork soup.


Bonjeon Dwaeji Gukbap

Busan Bonjeon Pork Gukbap is a restaurant located near Busan Station.
Because it is in front of Busan Station, many people visit to eat.
You can eat pork soup, sundae soup, intestine soup, and boiled pork.
Many people eat it with soju.
밀양순대돼지국밥 해운대점

Busan Main Branch, since 1978.


This restaurant is famous for its delicious Sundae Gukbap located near Haeundae Station. The first thing to mention is the delicious food. Both Sundae Gukbap and Pork Gukbap are delicious because the soup is rich and the flavor of the meat goes well together. The broth was thick and there was no meaty smell at all, so I was able to enjoy a clean taste. The fresh meat and rich broth really captured my taste buds. The store has a good atmosphere, so you can visit with children. It was a perfect atmosphere for a family gathering with children or a small meal out with friends. The entire second floor was expanded into a restaurant, so I was able to enjoy a meal comfortably using the large space. Service was very efficient. Ordering was easy and food was served quickly, so I was able to eat comfortably without waiting. One of the good things I remembered was the friendly response of the staff. It is open 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy delicious food even late at night. What was attractive was that I could visit and enjoy a delicious meal at any time. Basic side dishes were provided in the restaurant and there was a self-service bar so you could enjoy as many side dishes as you wanted. The side dishes added harmony to the food and made the meal even more delicious. It is close to Haeundae Beach and is easily accessible to tourists.

해물포장마차촌 (기장해녀촌)

It is the best place to enjoy a variety of fresh seafood and is located in Yeonhwa-ri, Gijang-gun. It is a place where there are attractive food stalls where you can eat while admiring the quiet sea. You can taste various seafood such as abalone porridge, live octopus, sea squirt, and sea cucumber. In particular, abalone porridge is a dish made with the fresh taste of abalone and is a popular menu item that you must try when you visit here. Live octopus has an excellent chewy texture, and sea squirts and sea cucumbers allow you to feel the scent of the sea, making them popular among people who like fresh seafood. Mussel soup is really delicious. There are many food stalls gathered together, so you can choose each one wisely. We hope you have a pleasant meal while tasting fresh seafood.


A dumpling restaurant in front of Busan Station since 1951.

Meat dumplings, fried dumplings, shrimp gyoza, water dumplings, steamed gyoza, etc.


This dumpling specialty restaurant is located in Chinatown near Busan Station, so many people visit it. This place became even more famous after appearing in Baek Jong-won's 'Baek Jong-won's Top 3 Chef King', and is very accessible as it is near Exit 5 of Busan Station. Business hours are 11 am to 8 pm. You can taste a variety of dumpling dishes such as fried dumplings, shrimp gyoza, meat dumplings, marandu, etc. The fried dumplings are crispy and the shrimp gyoza has a firm shrimp flavor. Meat dumplings are one of the popular menu items due to the perfect combination of meat juice and chewy dumpling skin. In addition to this, there is cucumber seasoning to balance the texture. There may be a waiting time as many customers visit, but the delicious dumplings are worth the wait.


since 1956

Located near Beomil Station.

This restaurant boasts 60 years of tradition and is one of the must-visit restaurants in Busan. Try the boiled pork and a hundred and a half cups. The thick and large meat is soft and has just the right amount of lean meat and fat mixed in, giving it a great chewy taste in your mouth. The clear soup is refreshing and seasoned delicately, making it ideal for eating with rice. The price of soup is relatively cheap, so you can enjoy it without burden. Compared to the price of the soup, the portion is generous so you can eat until you are full. We recommend adding noodles to your soup. What a delicious combination. This is a famous restaurant in Busan where customers wait in line, but the food comes out quickly so you don't have to wait long. It is pork soup with clear broth and the quality and quantity of meat is good. Chives are also really delicious. The boiled pork is soft and the meat is thick, making it delicious to eat. The taste may vary from person to person, but the taste of Grandma Gukbap can be said to be excellent. If you want to enjoy delicious food and have a chance to visit near Beomil Station, I recommend you visit.


It is called one of the top 3 pork soup restaurants. There are many branches, but the main store is located in Sinpyeong-dong, Saha-gu.


Located in Saha-gu, Busan, Youngjin Pork and Rice Soup Headquarters is a well-known pork and rice soup restaurant among locals, and it is a famous restaurant that any Saha resident has visited at least once. The exact address of this restaurant is 39 (Sinpyeong-dong 628-6), 157 Beonyoung-ro, Saha-gu, Busan, and it is located about 300 meters away on foot from Sinpyeong Station Exit 9, making it very accessible. The opening hours of the Yeongjin Pork and Rice Soup headquarters are 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. every day, and you can visit anytime from morning to evening to enjoy delicious rice soup. For information, call 0507-1374-3820.

Youngjin Pork and Rice Soup Main Store's main menus include Boiled Pork Slices Set Menu, pork and rice soup, and soondae rice soup, each costing 13,000 won for Boiled Pork Slices Set Menu, 9,500 won for pork and 9,500 won for soondae rice soup. Boiled Pork Slices Set Menu is popular as a hearty meal because it is served with soft boiled pork. Pork and rice soup boasts a deep taste with a combination of thick soup and chewy pork, and soondae rice soup has a savory taste with a harmonious combination of soondae and pork.

The Yeongjin Pork and Rice Soup headquarters provides a satisfying meal to customers by preparing the food with all the fresh ingredients and sincerity. Boasting its long tradition and taste, it is a beloved attraction not only for Saha-gu residents but also for many tourists visiting Busan. If you want to taste Pork and Rice Soup, which has an excellent savory and rich taste of the soup, visit.


Haeundae Gaya Milmyeon

Haeundae Gay Milmyeon, as the company name suggests, is a restaurant that sells milmyeon in Haeundae.
It is said that the broth is made by boiling various ingredients for 72 hours and then aging them for more than a year.

There are Mulmilmyeon and Bibimmilmyeon.
There are also dumplings that can be eaten with wheat noodles.

Haeundae Wonjo Halmae Gukbap

Since 1962, this is a restaurant specializing in soup and rice.
You can eat seonji soup and beef soup.
It is located near Haeundae Station.

Pungwonjang country food restaurant

This is a Korean restaurant in Gijang.
Menu: Pork bulgogi set meal, bossam set meal, smoked duck set meal, raw fish set meal, abalone set meal, etc.

Suyeong Dwaeji-gukbap

This is a pork soup restaurant located in Suyeong-gu.
This is a restaurant that appeared on the Wednesday Gourmet TV show.

Oh Banjang

Oh Banjang is a barbecue restaurant located in Haeundae.

Bon Chamchi (Tuna)

This is a tuna specialty restaurant located near Jungang Station.

Sok siwonhan Daegutang Haeundae Branch

This is a restaurant specializing in cod soup that was featured on TV.

This is a Daegu Ppoljjim specialty restaurant located at 15 Jinnam-ro, Nam-gu, Busan. It is conveniently located 160 meters from Exit 6 of Daeyeon Station and is open daily from 11:30 to 21:00. If you have any questions, please call 051-627-4319.

It is famous for its highly addictive onion seasoning, which enhances the flavor of Daegu Ppoljjim. The Daegu Ppoljjim here is available in small, medium, and large sizes, and the portions are generous so many people can enjoy a satisfying meal. This place, which is also frequently visited by local Busan people, was featured on several broadcast programs, proving its popularity.

the main ingredient in daegu ppol, is not fishy and has a thick, chewy texture that has a good texture. The marinade is especially famous for being delicious, boasting a deep flavor that you will never forget once you try it. It contains a lot of bean sprouts, giving it a crunchy texture and making the taste of braised codfish even richer.

It is loved by many people for its delicious seasoning and generous portions, and Daegu Ppoljjim is excellent for its chewy without being fishy.


Nagoya's local cuisine, Hitsumabushi.


In Gupo in 1950. Jaecheop set meal, Jaecheop jinguk, Jaecheop rice bowl, Jaecheop muchim.


Halmae Jaecheopguk is a restaurant located at 8, Gwangnam-ro 120beon-gil, Suyeong-gu, Busan. It is located near Gwangalli Beach, so it is popular among tourists. This restaurant is not close to Geumnyeonsan Station Exit 1, but it is within walking distance. Halmae Jaecheopguk is open daily from 6am to 9pm and opens early, making it a great choice for breakfast. For inquiries, please call 0507-1400-7658.

Jaecheop soup is famous for its deep and refreshing taste. The rich and light clam soup is one of the reasons why many people visit because it offers the traditional taste of Busan. The side dishes here are also carefully prepared and highly satisfying. The rice is served in bibimbap style, so it can be enjoyed even more deliciously when eaten with clam soup.

A package of Jaecheop soup costs 6,000 won, so you can easily enjoy Jaecheop soup at home. The Jaecheop Set Meal costs 11,000 won and includes Jaecheop Soup and a variety of side dishes to provide a hearty meal. Jaecheop Jinguk costs 15,000 won and is recommended for those who want a deeper and richer taste. The clam rice bowl costs 16,000 won, and the combination of clam and rice makes a delicious meal. The seasoned clam salad costs 33,000 won and offers a unique and delicious dish with a combination of fresh clam and vegetables.

Halmae Jaecheopguk is one of the best places to taste Busan's traditional food, Jaecheopguk. Many people come here for the deep and refreshing taste of clam soup and carefully prepared side dishes. Please visit after visiting Gwangalli Beach.

박옥희 할매집원조복국

50 years of tradition, 24-hour operation.
Silverbok, Mealbok, Blackcurrant, Chambok, Eunbok Suyuk, Mealbok Suyuk, Magpie Suyuk, Chambok Suyuk, Steamed Eunbok, Steamed Mealbok


Korean beef restaurant. The building is nice and has a large outdoor garden.


This grilled beef restaurant is located at 14 Baekunpo-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, and boasts a beautiful sea view with Oryukdo Island visible in the distance. Open daily from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm. You can enjoy a delicious meal in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. For phone inquiries, please call 051-635-0707.

It is a special place that makes you feel like you are on a trip. The open view of the sea and the beautiful garden add to the pleasure of dining, and the quiet environment is perfect for a relaxing time. The taste of the side dishes is excellent and the quality of the meat is very good, which is why many people come here even though it is expensive.

By grilling the meat over charcoal, you can enjoy a deep and rich flavor. The special meat assortment is provided in 600g quantities and includes salchi-sal, ggot-sal, anchang-sal, and an-geomi parts. It is a good choice to experience the various charms of beef as you can feel the delicious texture and taste of each part.

We also offer a variety of beef menus, including sirloin, seasoned ribs, and short ribs. The sirloin is tender and juicy, and the marinated ribs have a sweet and salty seasoning well absorbed into the meat, making it a taste that everyone, regardless of gender or age, will enjoy. Galbi meat has a chewy texture and savory taste.

Enjoying a meal with a view of the sea provides a special experience that takes you away from everyday life. Visit with family, friends, or lovers to enjoy luxurious Korean beef and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Oryukdo Island.

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