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Universities in Jeollado

Chosun University

On November 23, 1946, Gwangju Night Graduate School was renamed Chosun Graduate School. On May 26, 1948, Chosun Graduate School was authorized as Chosun University. On March 10, 1953, Chosun Universit...
University | South Korea Gwangju

Chonnam National University

June 10, 1909: Established Gwangju Agricultural School Jun. 1920: Established Mokpo Commercial School March 31, 1944: Established Gwangju Medical College January 1, 1952: Established as National Chonn...
University | South Korea Gwangju

Jeonbuk National University

Jeonbuk National University, which started with the Provincial Iri Agricultural College in 1947 by integrating Jeonju Myeongnyun Academy and Kunsan University Building, with 5 colleges, 16 departments...
University | South Korea Jeonju

Wonkwang University

On January 29, 1953, Wonkwang University was established. On December 31, 1971, elevated to a university status (College of Liberal Arts, College of Law and Economics, College of Pharmacy, College of...
University | South Korea