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Jirisan National Park (Nogodan Peak Section) (지리산국립공원 (지리산 노고단))

Update date: 2021-12-25


[tourist site]
Jirisan National Park covers a vast amount of land in three provinces, including one city and three counties. The countless mountain peaks both large and small blend harmoniously, giving off a comforting ambiance. The valleys feature streams, waterfalls, and more natural attractions beautiful all year round. The mountain is the starting point for the Seomjingang River, which flows into the southern sea.

The park is home to many plants and animals, including the Asiatic black bear. There are many hiking paths crossing the park; it is recommended to make a plan for the courses in advance, checking the lengths and time required. As Jirisan Mountain changes with the different seasons, hikers can enjoy various aspects of the mountain’s terrain. However, some areas will be closed off for hikers' safety in the case of incliment weather or to prevent forest fires in the dry season.


Address: 356, Hwaeomsa-ro, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do (57616)
Telephone: +82-61-780-7700
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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