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Seoraksan Daecheongbong Peak (설악 대청봉)

Update date: 2021-04-12


[tourist site]
This 1,708 m-high peak is the highest peak of Seoraksan Mountain and the third highest in the Republic of Korea, behind Hallasan Mountain (1,950 m) and Jirisan Mountain (1,915 m). It is the centerpiece of the 40 km2-wide Seoraksan National Park and the dividing point between Naeseorak and Oeseorak areas: areas to the west of Daecheongbong Peak toward Inje are considered Naeseorak, while the areas to the east, toward Sokcho and Goseong, are considered as latter. It is also the origin of most of Seoraksan Mountain’s famous valleys, like Cheonbuldong and Gayadong Valleys. Because of erratic weather and low temperature, Daecheongbong Peak is often covered in snow from late October to late spring. Its ridges are populated by Siberian dwarf pine, Hairy Korean rhododendron, Erman's birch, and subalpine trees, making it a valuable source for alpine plant research. Four trails in the Seoraksan National Park take the visitors to this peak, through Osaek, Baekdam, Seorak-dong, and Osaengnyeong (Hangyeryeong) Pass. The shortest trail is the 5 km-long Osaek Trail (Osaek – Seorak Falls – Daecheongbong Peak), taking about 4 hr in total. The management controls entry to Seoraksan National Park depending on weather conditions and period, so visitors are advised to check the real-time information provided at its webpage (


Address: Seoraksan-ro, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do ()
Telephone: +82-33-672-2883
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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