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Micheongol Recreational Forest (국립 미천골자연휴양림)

Update date: 2021-04-12


[tourist site]
This recreational forest is located at the foot of Guryongnyeong Pass, which connects Yangyang-gun with Hongcheon-gun, along Micheongol Valley. This 12 km-long valley creates waterfalls throughout the forest, both small and large, and feeds many varieties of trees including birch, ash, maple sap, and dogwood. In addition to the Forest Cultural Rest Center, campground, and auto campground, the forest also includes a historic site, a Silla-era Seollimwon Temple Site. Seollimwon Temple was a Seon (Zen) Buddhist temple complex built during the Unified Silla period, and the site of Treasures like the “Three-story Stone Pagoda at Seollimwon Temple Site, Yangyang.” Many forest-themed experience programs are available in the recreational forest: “Forest Education, Forest Guided Tour,” which brings one closer to the nature in the forest, and “A Beautiful Trip in Person,” which offers members of marginalized communities a chance to connect with nature, are the examples of such programs. There is a 6.2 km-long (round-trip) mountain trekking road in the forest, and a 12 km-long forest road (round-trip) that takes one from Complex 3 of the Forest House to Bulbaragi Mineral Spring.


Address: 168-16, Micheongol-gil, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do (25040)
Telephone: +82-33-673-1806
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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