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Yeoyeojae (여여재)

Fecha de actualización: 2008-02-28


Located across from the sculpture park of the United Nations Memorial Park, this restaurant with a straw thatched roof, yellow soil covered walls, and door covered with bush clovers creates a typical traditional Korean rural home.
The restaurant mainly serves Chungcheong-do Province style food called ‘heot jesabap’ (food offered at ancestral memorial service).
This ‘heot jesabap’ includes 5 different types of ‘namul’ (vegetable and wild green salads), ‘jogi’ (grilled yellow corvina fish), ‘samsaekjeon’ (three colored pan-fried dish), and ‘tangguk’ (simmered soup).
‘Sungnyung’ (scorched rice tea) is interestingly served before the meal and they usually bring out ‘huin tteouk’ (white rice cake) after the meal.
It is a favorite spot for many foreign visitors because it is a place where you can indulge yourself in the true traditional Korean dining experience.


Address: UN-ro 203, Nam-gu, Busan. (608-810,2)
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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